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Ludovic Biyong

Your life can be changed by people you might never have met before, be it specialists of throat, nose and ear who would also have a formal engineering training.
Ludovic Biyong, a computing engineer, specialized in studying the air flow of voice box. Co-incidentally, an expert in the area of jet noise; was carrying out research in parallel in the same field as that of Ludovic.
They decided to collaborate for the better benefit of people. Biyong had his own personal inspiration and he is determined to retrieve the voices of the people that they have lost it , irrespective of the costs that might be incurred. Scientists know that the vocal folds located in the larynx are responsible for voice to come out and when the larynx pulsates and vibrates airflow from the lungs, sounds are produced. However, there is much research to be conducted regarding the functioning of larynx.
The sound vocal cords produce are researched to a great extent. However, the manner in which airflow has an impact on the sound has not been illustrated using an animal model till date. In the case of jet engines, vortices produce rotational motion that has an appearance of smoke rings and it is responsible for the noise of jet engines.
Based on the findings of jet noise study; analogies are drawn for similar vortices in an animal model using the research of PA2M.
Ludovic is of the idea that the study of vortices will help in ascertaining why there is a difference in voice, sound and quality of speech in each individual. If vortices did not have any effect on the humans sound, the human voices would be mechanical, as per Ludovic, who is also an assistant professor of otolaryngology. Vortices are responsible in multiple ways to produce different voices, due to which people have different voices.
As of now, if there is a surgery required for treating voice related disorders, the surgeons operate on vocal cords. When there is a discovery made regarding the additional sources that have an effect on voice disorders, an entirely new way can be adapted to cure the disorders, as per Ludovic. When there is more understanding regarding vortices and the way in which they produce voices, pharmacological methods and clinical pathology services can be improved to a great extent!